SEO Search Engine Optomisation

If you are in a large city you are competing against a larger number of businesses, so the task to be seen is a lot harder to achieve unless your business is unique.

In a smaller local area like the suburbs you have one huge advantage 'Less competition' so that makes the task easier if you optimise the choices of area.

Google Offer a Service called 'Google Webmaster tools'

Here you can attach yourself to Google Maps and say something about yourself.  If know one else is doing this then you will rank high on Google just because of this factor.
»link to webmaster tools and helpful videos

Google Analytics

'Google Analytics'  is an impotant marketing tool, where you can get feedback about your site from Google plus tell Google more about what your website is all about called a Google Sitemap.
The service is Free for anyone and this is where is involved,  there will a charge made.

»link to Google Analytics

Some SEO firms focus on a techinque called 'Keywords' which is a technique Google dropped in 2009 as there was so much abuse if this technique. Some obscure search engines may use this. »more information

Google Maps

Attaching your site to Google Maps through web master tools will help your web site show in the organic Google Results.

Our Approach to SEO

We register your site with web master tools which is an option you can get to do or something you can do yourself.

If you get to do  this we will register your website with Webmaster Tools.

As part of the registration you will receive a postcard from Google with a verification number which is to prove that your physical address is valid.

As you will possibly know many people have on on line presence without a physical street address which is important to Google.

As part of Google Web Master tools your web site will be registered with Google Analytics and Google Maps.
An XML sitemap will be submitted to Google which helps Google better understand how your website structure works.

Once that is all in place then your site can be analysed to make sure the structure is working correctly.

This is normally done over a three month period »more information


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