Hosting with Us is a PLUS +


Hobbyist Plan 

$60.00 per year

This plan is suitable for a small business web site which consists of up to 10 pages.
The plan is suitable for HTML only web sites.
There is no MYSQL database available for this plan.
GetSimple CMS is suitable for this plan.


Small Plan

$120.00 per year

The small business package is suitable for the small to medium size business.
The package allows for one MYSQL database making t his package suitable for CMS systems or a standalone e-commerce solution

Business Plan

$156.00 per year

This package is suitable for the medium to large size business.
The plan is totally un-metered allowing you the freedom to grow your web site with your business.
The plan allows you to add ‘Add on Domains’ which have a unique URL and unique email addresses.

All plans have GST